How to Go from BIG BUT to BADASS
In Six Weeks or Less
In researching for this program, I talked with hundreds of women. 
And do you know what I found? 

Every single one thought about (and talked about) doing her own BIG THING
And every single one had a BIG BUT that kept her from doing it. 

"I want to write a book, BUT..."
"I want to run a marathon, BUT..."
"I want to start a business, BUT..."
"I want to change jobs, BUT..."
The list goes on and on.

I want to tell you a secret about your own BIG THING:

In order for you to do that BIG THING (whatever it is)
you MUST make the shift from BIG BUT to BADASS.

And I have another little secret for you...
 There is a badass lying inside you -- right now -- just waiting to get out. 

Here's what I hear from all kinds of women about why they don't do their big things.

  • They're AFRAID Afraid that folks won't like their badassery. Afraid they're not enough. Afraid of failure. Afraid of success. 
  • They're OVERWHELMED By roles they've been playing, commitments they've made, or people they support.
  • They're STUCK In jobs they hate, relationships they don't want to be in, or situations they feel they must tolerate.
  • They DON'T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN There's so much to do, that they do nothing at all.
  • They're READY TO BUST OUT And looking for a purpose, something to bring to the world, or a way to show themselves.
  • They're UNCLEAR About what they really want, and how to get it.
  • They're at a STANDSTILL They started, and lost momentum. Procrastination took over. Then paralysis set in.
  • They're in their TERRIBLE TOO'S They think they're too old. Too young. Too fat. Too lazy. Too tired. Too shy. Too inexperienced. Too small (when compared to everyone else). Or have tried too many times before. 
Do you see yourself in here at all?
Even a little bit?
Join me, and a community of your badass peers
in a revolutionary new program

  • Six Weeks of Powerful Permission - Each week, you'll receive a powerful new lesson, designed to motivate, empower, and provide specific instruction. Sometimes it'll be from me. Sometimes it'll be from a badass expert who's well beyond my scope. And every time, it will be sensational.
  • Step-by-Step Badassery - We're gonna work a system: Ditch It, See It, Own It, Be It. Four steps -- each with specific action items -- to bring out your badass. By the end, you'll be so free and so powerful I'll be scared of you.
  • Group Coaching Calls - Once every two weeks, I'll host a live group coaching call. You can submit questions or issues in advance, and I'll address them or I'll bring in another expert or pro to address them. If you can't make the live calls, I'll provide recordings when they're finished. We'll take as long as we need to cover everyone's questions.
  • Community and Camaraderie - Badass women need badass friends. Plain and simple. You'll be part of a private, closed community of women where you'll be free to show yourself, share your shit, and get the support and friendship you deserve. It'll be all for one, and tons of fun.
  • Daily Bits of Badass - Each morning, I'll provide a daily bit of badass. Video, audio, quotes, stories, jokes, photos, and more. So you can start your day the badass way.
  • 3 Free Months of Badass for Good - Once you've got your Badass Permission Slip, you can join Badass for Good: an ongoing community of badass women that features motivation and instruction each month, and a collective project for good, so we can change the world together. When you sign up for Badass Permission Slip, you'll get your first 3 months in Badass for Good... for free.
A little note: I say bad words. Because I believe that if we're going to come into our true badass selves, we need to let that kinda shit out into the open. You might not realize it, but these words can have amazing power, especially when you're unleashing a badass. I'm not gonna invade your inbox with f-u's, or tell dirty jokes, or send you dungeon porn. But I am going to tell it like it is. We're grown-ass women here. You don't have to say bad words to be a badass. But you'll have to tolerate them to be part of this program.


For more than 28 years, I had a career where I operated in the "shadows." I wanted to be an author. But instead, I became a brand strategist. Oh, I wrote lots of things. But I never wrote them for myself. I spent almost three decades making it happen for OTHER people and OTHER businesses. 

But at 49, a switch inside me flipped. And I gave myself permission. Real permission -- for the first time in my life. 

Since that time, I've launched a blog that's grown to 30,000 followers, write regularly for sites like the Huffington Post, and get emails each and every day from women who tell me that my words touch them, and make a difference in their lives. I found my badass; and I know it's my calling to help other women find theirs.  So I launched Badass Permission Slip: a proven step-by-step system for powerful permission. Are you ready to get rid of your big but... forever? 
Do it TODAY, because only 100 women will be admitted.

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