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A Virtual, Interactive Event For Women In Business To Get 
Clarity, Systems & Support To Turn Midlife Into PRIMETIME

  • Turning a new page in life, actively transitioning (or ready to transition) away from what doesn’t work anymore 
  • Feeling unsatisfied with the business and/or lifestyle you’ve built, wondering if it’s too late for you to have more
  • ​Falling victim to imposter syndrome, and/or other self defeating beliefs about your potential impact and results
  • Seeking a higher level of fulfillment, contribution, impact, and joy in your daily life
  • ​With decades of experience, but missing the critical pieces to turn the essence of who you are now into a sustainable system for reliable income
  • ​Feeling confused about what makes you a “Thought Leader” and/or the messaging needed to get the recognition you deserve
  • Getting stuck and holding fear when it comes to social media, technology, and building an online business (Maybe saying to yourself, "Can I even do this? What is it going to take?")
  • ​Hearing the call to finally pursue what’s truly possible for you, now, in your Primetime...

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I'm Juju Hook. For more than 25 years, I was a corporate brand strategist and an agency CEO. Until, unexpectedly at the age of 48, I found myself facing massive midlife transitions. I was restless, unfulfilled, insecure about aging, and coping in all the wrong ways. 

So I took a brave step to make what I now call my "PrimeTime Pivot." And I found a way to deliver the mastery I'd developed over decades, but in a whole new way that turned me on. The result? I fell back in love with my life and my business. 

Since then, I've created coaching programs, courses, and online content that has encouraged thousands of other women to do the same. 

If you're ready to use what you mastered in the first half of life to fall in love with your life and business in the second half, take my hand. 


I love the way Juju teaches. She breaks things down so simplistically—but totally digs deep. And once I began implementing the changes in my message, it turned my business around.

- Michelle Valeri, MV Skin Consulting


I love the way Juju teaches. She breaks things down so simplistically—but totally digs deep. And once I began implementing the changes in my message, it turned my business around.

- Michelle Valeri, MV Skin Consulting

This is more than a personal loss, it's a tragic loss of valuable experience to society. But it doesn't have to be your story.

Midlife, for women, is when we're poised and ready to show up and contribute in a whole new way. It's our PRIMETIME. And it's my mission to help as many women as possible unleash their potential, with the support of a proven, proprietary system.

At the 2021 PrimeTime PROSPER Virtual Retreat, I'll teach you my proven systems live, and you'll work and connect with coaches & women in small cohorts over 3 days so you can...

  • Put an end-to-end sales and marketing plan in place to provide reliable income 
  • ​Discover the marketing power of your natural inner essence
  • Develop a sales-worthy message and story that truly connects with your ideal audience
  • Learn how to build a platform that suits your strengths and skills
  • Work through mental roadblocks you may or may not know are standing your way
  • ​Decide where you’ll create a presence (both online and in real life)
  • ​Make a plan for how you’ll build the platform that will springboard your message
  • ​Learn from and connect with like minded, supportive, impact-driven women

Get the energy boost of a large conference with the support of a small group, all from the safety of your home, in a one-of-a-kind interactive online experience!

What You Will Do @

You'll work LIVE with Juju, then break into small cohorts to work through assignments designed to help you use your mastery to catapult you into PrimeTime. You'll hone in on your...

What are the results you uniquely offer, and how can you create a service based package that flies off the "shelves" AND turns you on?


How to turn your secret sauce into a repeatable, sustainable system that sells, while lighting you up instead of draining your energy.

How to confidently convey yourself as the master you already are, and the value of your experience, services, and unique promise.

Plan for a platform that suits you, so you can bring your message to the world and establish yourself as an expert or thought leader.


Create a roadmap for the exact steps you’ll take to build a business model & marketing system to flourish and prosper in 2021 and beyond.

Participate in a safe space with the support of PrimeTime sisters to work through the challenges you'll face beyond the event.
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Juju helped me distill my message through exercises that uncovered who I am as a person, and what I care about as a human.

- Julie Veitch, Inner Core



Juju helped me distill my message through exercises that uncovered who I am as a person, and what I care about as a human.

- Julie Veitch, Inner Core

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When you take advantage of the PIVOT TO PROSPER BUNDLE Deal, you'll get FREE access to the 6-Week PrimeTime PIVOT workshop series so you can begin making your pivot to a second half of life you love during the weeks leading up to PROSPER 2021. 

What's Covered In The 6 Week Recorded...


What makes you uniquely YOU, that is already sales-worthy? And how can you address your audience with total confidence and easy, authentic style? 



How were you meant to contribute in the second half of life? What pivot will allow you to live turned-on and in your purpose, completely?



What have you mastered that you can bring to the world in a new, more fulfilling way? What makes you a thought leader or influencer waiting to happen?



What’s the lifestyle you long for and the goals that will drive you? (And if you long ago lost touch with what you want… how can you re-discover your desires?)



What topics or causes will you choose to lend your voice to, and how will what you care about or stand for shape your business plan and product offerings? 



What’s your unique story that will connect you to your audience and incite them to action? And how can you tell your story with confidence, for maximum impact?

Start Your Year With Clarity, Confidence & Community
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  • Men. (Sorry, but the safety of an all-female space is not something we’ll sacrifice!)

  • Women uncomfortable talking about social justice or doing the work required to ensure all women are comfortable in our shared space.

  • ​Women who haven’t spent at least a decade or two developing mastery in a skillset, talent, creative pursuit, or industry. 

  • ​Tire kickers and whiners.
    Nobody has time for that. 


WHO IS JUJU HOOK? Juju Hook was (and is) a corporate badass, author, coach, and speaker, who led strategic marketing planning sessions and her own branding agency for more than 25 years. Unexpectedly at age 48, she found herself dealing with the realities of menopause, and the dissatisfaction of carrying on with a career she’d nailed, but no longer loved. It was then that she took the brave step to pivot to an entirely new business -- one that allowed her to use what she’d mastered in the first half of life, to build something that lit her fire in the second half. This critical decision created a ripple effect, and ever since deciding to live in her essence, she’s been able to successfully guide thousands of PrimeTime women to do the same. All while leveraging her business background to help them create pipelines for profit, doing what they love.  

I'M NOT VERY TECH SAVVY AND I'M WORRIED ABOUT GETTING OVERWHELMED. IS THIS ALL ONLINE BUSINESS STUFF? While Juju will break down step-by-step exactly how to build a reliable online business, you can use all the principles we'll be discussing offline, the old fashioned way. (And anyone who knows Juju will tell you... she had to push through some tech insecurities, herself. So she is super dialed in to those feelings.)

IS THIS VIRTUAL? LIVE? HOW WILL THIS WORK? Before COVID, our events were limited to small groups. Now, we're able to broadcast to any woman anywhere! You’ll get an exclusive link to log in and engage for the entire event. Juju will kick off and lead sessions, then you’ll break away for individual work, and share and connect in smaller cohorts throughout the 3 days. In this way, you'll make real connections. All sessions will be live, so it’s recommended that you check your internet connection beforehand, and do what you can to set aside a quiet, safe space to focus. 

I DON'T HAVE A BUSINESS YET, BUT I WANT TO START ONE. IS THIS FOR ME? Even if you haven’t started your business officially yet, you’ll still get a ton out of this event as we work together to identify your Purpose, Promise and Platform. And if you’re pre-business, the PrimeTime Pivot Pop-Up Series will be especially enlightening as you create a vision for your new venture. We don’t recommend this to anyone just starting a new hobby or interest - this is intended for experienced women ready to make a pivot using their skillset and mastery . This is an intensive planning event for women ready to make the second half of life even better than the first. If you’re not sure you’re ready to live your purpose - this is not for you. 

What It's Like To Work With

Hear from midlife women like you what it's like making the pivot to turn midlife into PrimeTime.


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